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Tier 2 Vocabulary Curriculum - 1st Grade

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Image saving yourself hours of prep time every week and freeing up your time and energy to do more of what you love - being an SLP!

The bundle includes 1st grade tier 2 vocabulary words and is differentiated at two different levels.


  1. Language: Say the vocabulary word aloud, write or type the vocabulary word, read the word in a sentence, identify a synonym and/or antonym, select the correct definition, fill in the blank sentence, use the word in a sentence using the two given real-life photos, highlight the context clue, select the correct definition based on the context clues given, answer questions using the new vocabulary word.


  1. Materials that will work with both in-person or tele-therapy. All materials are interactive PDFs and can be used digitally making them perfect for tele-therapy. That means no more time spent printing, prepping, and laminating materials.
  2. Materials that work with a wide age range and are differentiated at 2 different skill levels.
  3. Age-appropriate for any aged elementary students with real-life photos instead of using materials with childish-looking graphics.
  4. Activities that can target a wide variety of goals instead of using materials that only focus on one goal at a time. Perfect for mixed therapy groups.
  5. This bundle is a done-for-you curriculum that is a no-prep ready to implement solution. 


  1. 100 Vocabulary Words: A total of 100 tier 2 words per grade.
  2. Tier Two Vocabulary Words: All words are tier 2 words. 
  3. Data Tracking: Data tracking forms for each vocabulary word to help make progress notes a breeze this year.
  4. Pre-Test & Post-Tests: For every 10 words for a total of 10 pre & post-tests. Plus each pre-test and post-test also comes differentiated at 2 different levels.
  5. Vocabulary Lists + Definitions: Use the vocabulary lists and definitions to share quickly with parents and teachers so they know what words their student is working on.
  6. Interactive PDF: Simply open the interactive PDF in Adobe Reader or Kami and start using the interactive features.

Please Note: This grade is included inside the Tier 2 Vocabulary Curriculum K-6th! If you're looking for a comprehensive tier 2 vocabulary curriculum for your K-6th grade students, this bundle is for you!

See the full sales page (and payment plan option) for the Tier 2 Vocabulary Curriculum here.

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➡️ How to make the pdf interactive?

Simply open the interactive PDF in Adobe Reader or Kami and start using the interactive features (such as, checkboxes and textboxes). Here is a video on how to annotate with Kami.

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This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.